Maple Lake, MN – Lake Improvement District (LID) Wright County, MN

Maple Lake LID Wright County Organization Chart  |  September 2021
July 2018 –

Maple Lake Improvement District Wright County

The MLIDWC received final approval in the fall of 2017 and here is an update of some key items since the approval:

The name was changed, as shown above, to add Wright County. Another Maple Lake Improvement District in northern Minnesota was already registered with the State. The name change has been approved.

Wright County has given the MLIDWC access to the Counties tax parcel (property) information and all parcels within 100 feet of the lake have been identified. These properties will be considered to be in the Lake Improvement District (LID). 2019 tax statements for these parcels will have an assessment for the LID based on funding voted on and approved at the August 4, 2018 annual meeting, that was mailed to all Parcels within the 100 feet.

MLLPOA has loaned the MLIDWC $5000 for startup funding. The loan will be paid back with 2019 tax revenue. The funds will be used for administrative costs such as County fees for one time LID set up, and annual meeting mailings and printing.

The MLIDWC bylaws have been finalized and approved. Annual reports listing revenues and expenditures will be sent to the Minnesota Secretary of State as required.

MLIDWC Vision Statement:

The Maple Lake Improvement District Wright County (MLIDWC) is dedicated to providing funds for service and research efforts which serve to improve the quality of Maple Lake.

MLIDWC will provide control and management of District funds with transparency and ensure compliance per applicable state and county requirements.

A healthy Maple Lake is one which is navigable and clean for recreation, supportive of historical and appropriate vegetation, a source of good fishing and home to a variety of birds and animals, based on standards established with state aquatic authorities.

MLIDWC will engage property owner membership in support of best practice land management.