Contact Mary Smith – 320-963-5898 Or– Mail to ML-LPOA – PO Box 460 – Maple Lake Mn 55358

Top 10 Reasons to Join Maple Lake Property Owners Association….
10. Maintenance of “No Wake Zone” buoys in the channel
9. Volunteer Water Patrol that is overseen by the Wright County Sheriff
8. Annual Ice Fishing Derby
7. Newsletters & annual Directory of lake residents
6. Weed control maintenance & permits as needed
5. Monitoring the lake’s water quality and exotic plant inspections
4. Keeping the lake and boat accesses clear of litter
3. Walleye Stocking Program
2. Coordinate Saturday morning and afternoon dock parties on the week-ends & throughout the summer along with the boat parade, fall social gathering, and membership meetings.
1. We like to have FUN!

We want you to join the Maple Lake Property Owners Association.
We all have pride in property ownership on Maple Lake, together we can keep our lake the beautiful natural resource that it is. Please support your lake association generously in all areas.

Volunteers wanted! Interested in helping with MLPOA programs or activities? Maybe you’d be willing to help with an upcoming fundraising activity or serve on the lake association board? Your willingness to help in any form would be appreciated. How are MLPOA programs funded? Each year dues are asked of each resident. For the current year, the dues are $30.00. Please contact Mary Smith @ 320-963-5898 or email about becoming a MLPOA member or mail contact information to MLPOA PO BOX 460 Maple Lake, MN 55358.